James Bond: 10 Greatest Licensed Kills

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. Fake Blofeld
Kiss off line: ‘Wrong pussy’
Fake Blofeld
Why Great? After Bond already supposedly killed his main adversary Blofeld in the pre-title sequence of the movie by drowning him in a pool of superheated mud, he is surprised to learn that he is still alive. Not only that, he has created another copy of himself. Bond has one hook in his climbing gun, so he can kill only one of them, but which one? Bond has an idea, he kicks Blofeld’s cat which jumps into the arms of one Blofeld who James then shoots and kills. Unfortunately another pussycats walks into the room… ‘Right idea Mr. Bond’, the real Blofeld remarks. ‘But wrong Pussy’, concludes Bond.

9. Emile Leopold Locque
Kiss off line: ‘He had no head for heights’
Emile Leopold Locke
Why Great? Bond kicks this bastard down a ravine for the murder of one of his colleagues. Roger Moore proves that his Bond can also be a cool killer when he needs to be.

8. Dario
Kiss off line: None
Why Great? The sadistic Dario ends up in the same cocaine grinder he wanted to put Bond in. This is a way too unpleasant death, even for him. A gruesome detail is that you can hear him cry his master’s name ‘Franz’ in a final call for help. A god awful, agonizing death.

7. Oddjob
Kiss off line: ‘He blew a fuse’
Why Great? Great because it’s his own deadly hat that becomes his undoing. Bond fries Oddjob when he reaches for his hat that is stuck between bars of the Fort Knox vault during their final fight. Oddjob was a toughie, so it is an impressive kill for the mighty James Bond.

6. Xenia Onatopp
Kiss off line: ‘She always did enjoy a good squeeze’
Xenia Onatopp
Why Great? In Xenia’s final encounter with Bond on Cuba, she ambushes him and his girl Natalya Simonova by rappelling from a helicopter and trying to squeeze him to death between her legs (she first takes out Natalya with a headbut). However, Bond is able to connect the rope she rappelled down with to her safety harness, grabs her AK-74 rifle, and shoots down the helicopter which then pulls Onatopp off Bond and sends her flying into the crotch of a tree, with her safety harness crushing her to death. How fitting.

5. Hugo Drax
Kiss off line: ‘Take a giant step for mankind’
Hugo Drax
Why Great? He was another villain with a God complex, Drax wanted to wipe out the earth’s population and start a whole new race from space, with specimens he handpicked himself. But Bond ruins his plans and Drax wants to shoot him in revenge. But Bond shoots him first with a poison dart. Before Drax dies, Bond pushes him out of the airlock of his space station; a very suiting death for this space-obsessed lunatic. ‘He had to fly’, Bond later comments when asked what happened to Drax.

4. Franz Sanchez
Kiss off line: ‘Don’t you want to know why?’
Franz Sanchez
Why Great? An unlicensed kill really, since Bond lost his licence earlier. Villain Sanchez – who Bond had been trying to extract vengeance upon for the torture of his friend Felix and death of Felix’s wife – is holding a machete to Bond’s head, preparing to slay him. Bond buys some time by explaining Sanchez why he wanted revenge on him. He does so by showing him the lighter Felix gave him as a wedding present. The inscription reads: ‘James. love always. Della and Felix’. Sanchez covered in petrol, realises who Bond is, but before he can respond, Bond sets him aflame. He dies screaming and 007 gets his deserved vengeance.

3. Alec Trevelyan
Kiss off line: ‘For me’
Alec Trevelyan
Why Great? Bond is a professional killer, but once in a while he makes a personal kill (Blofeld in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY for example). Killing Alec is probably the most personal kill in his career because Alec was his friend. He betrayed both James and England, and after almost killing Bond a few times, 007 manages to throw him down a mast, only holding him by his feet. ‘For England James?’, asks the defeated Trevelyan. ‘No, for me’, Bond replies and drops Alec to his death.

2. Dr. Kananga
Kiss off line: ‘He always did have an inflated opinion of himself’
Why Great? Bond takes care of baddie Kananga by making him eat a compressed air pattern causing him to blow up like a balloon. This is the first time 007 commits a political assassination, Kananga being a head of state.

1. Elektra King
Kiss off line: ‘I never miss’
Elektra King
Why Great? This is the first time Bond kills a Bond Girl, who was a major love interest for him. Off course he has good reasons: she wanted to kill him and M after all. Still, it is a cold, professional move by Bond.

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