FilmDungeon – HOME is dead. Read the obituary here: R.I.P. FilmDungeon (2008 – 2020)

But not to worry, the site’s content will be republished here, on the personal blog of the site’s founder Jeppe Kleijngeld.

American Gangster Films
American Gangster
The Funeral
The Last Don
The Last Don II
Pulp Fiction

Cult Radar
Cult Radar: Part 1
Cult Radar: Part 2
Cult Radar: Part 3
Cult Radar: Part 4
Cult Radar: Part 10

Dungeon Classics
Dungeon Classics #01: Masters of the Universe
Dungeon Classics #02: Death Race 2000
Dungeon Classics #03: Enter the Dragon
Dungeon Classics #04: The Quick and the Dead
Dungeon Classics #05: Escape from Absolom
Dungeon Classics #06: Escape from L.A.
Dungeon Classics #07: Last Man Standing
Dungeon Classics #08: Shogun Assassin
Dungeon Classics #09: Gremlins
Dungeon Classics #10: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Dungeon Classics #11: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Dungeon Classics #12: Snatch
Dungeon Classics #13: Thursday
Dungeon Classics #14: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Dungeon Classics #15: Blade
Dungeon Classics #16: Blade II
Dungeon Classics #17: Love and a .45
Dungeon Classics #18: Meet the Feebles
Dungeon Classics #19: Desperado
Dungeon Classics #20: From Dusk Till Dawn
Dungeon Classics #21: Coffee and Cigarettes
Dungeon Classics #22: The Last Boy Scout
Dungeon Classics #23: Payback

10 Management Lessons From Highly Successful Gangsters
15 coolest (or most ridiculous) DVD packages
15 Differences Between The Godfather Novel and Movie
22 Unforgettable Character Introductions in Movies
Book: Peter Jackson & the Making of Middle-Earth
Favorites From 50 Years of Cinema
George Lucas, Not Guilty
Hunter Goes to Hollywood: Hunter S. Thompson Triple Bill
Jeppy’s 100 – My All Time Favorite Movies (2018)
My 10 Favorite Horror Movies Ever
My 10 Favorite Movie Endings
My 10 Favorite Movie Openings
My Greatest Cinema Moments Ever
The James Bond Features
Stanley Kubrick’s Favorite Movie
What Do Gollum, Darth Vader & Agent Smith Have in Common?
What Many People Missed in Fight Club

Horror Films
The Addiction
Army of Darkness
Bad Taste
The Beyond
Dawn of the Dead
Zombie Flesh Eaters

Movies About Movies
Bullets Over Hollywood
Full Tilt Boogie: The Making of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’
Not Quite Hollywood
QT8: The First Eight
The Story of Film: Time Traveling For the Cinemad
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession

TV Dungeon
5 Must See TV-shows Before You Die
5 Unforgettable Twin Peaks 2017 Moments
Ash vs Evil Dead S1: 5 Greatest Moments
Ash vs Evil Dead S2 Kicks Evil’s Ass Literally
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3: Final Goodbyes
Deadwood: The Movie (2019)
How to Write a Television Series
My Favorite TV Episode of All Time
The 10 Greatest TV-Show Covers
The Book of Boba Fett – a Postmodern Mashup
The Sopranos Ending Explained: Tony is not Definitively Dead, but his Future Looks Bleak
The Sopranos Features
The Sopranos Turns 20: Celebrating a Classic
TV Dungeon: Deadwood
TV Dungeon: I, Claudius
TV Dungeon: Spaced
TV Dungeon: Twin Peaks

The Verdict
Army of the Dead
Fear Street Trilogy
The Last Duel
The Matrix Resurrections
Nightmare Alley
Palm Springs

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