FilmDungeon – HOME is dead. Read the obituary here: R.I.P. FilmDungeon (2008 – 2020)

But not to worry, the site’s content will be republished here, on the personal blog of the site’s founder Jeppe Kleyngeld.

Dungeon Classics
Dungeon Classics #1: Masters of the Universe
Dungeon Classics #2: Death Race 2000
Dungeon Classics #3: Enter the Dragon
Dungeon Classics #4: The Quick and the Dead
Dungeon Classics #5: Escape from Absolom
Dungeon Classics #6: Escape from L.A.
Dungeon Classics #7: Last Man Standing
Dungeon Classics #8: Shogun Assassin

Dungeon Classics #9: Gremlins
Dungeon Classics #10: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Dungeon Classics #11: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Dungeon Classics #12: Snatch
Dungeon Classics #13: Thursday
Dungeon Classics #14: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

TV Dungeon
5 Must See TV-shows Before You Die
TV Dungeon: Spaced
TV Dungeon: I, Claudius
TV Dungeon: Deadwood
Deadwood: The Movie (2019)
– ‘The Sopranos’ Turns 20: Celebrating a Classic
The Sopranos Ending Explained: Tony is not Definitively Dead, but his Future Looks Bleak
Ash vs Evil Dead: 5 Greatest Moments
Ash vs Evil Dead 2 Kicks Evil’s Ass Literally
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3: Final Goodbyes
5 Unforgettable Twin Peaks 2017 Moments
The 10 Greatest TV-Show Covers
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
My Favorite TV Episode of All Time
How to Write a Television Series

Features and Articles
My 10 Favorite Movie Openings
The Story of Film: Time Traveling For the Cinemad
The James Bond Features
10 Management Lessons From Highly Successful Gangsters
Stanley Kubrick’s Favorite Movie
Book: Peter Jackson & the Making of Middle-Earth
Jeppy’s 100 – My All Time Favorite Movies (2018)
Hunter Goes to Hollywood: Hunter S. Thompson Triple Bill
George Lucas, Not Guilty
What Do Gollum, Darth Vader & Agent Smith Have in Common?
15 coolest (or most ridiculous) DVD packages
My 10 Favorite Horror Movies Ever
My 10 Favorite Movie Endings
QT8: The First Eight
My Greatest Cinema Moments Ever
Favorites From 50 Years of Cinema

Gangster Film Reviews
American Gangster (2007)
The Funeral (1996)

Cult Radar
Cult Radar: Part 1
Cult Radar: Part 10

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