5 Marketing Lessons From AOL’s Digital Prophet

What is a Digital Prophet? Nobody knows exactly. His name is David Shing, he’s Australian and he gets paid a six figure salary by America’s largest internet company AOL to travel around the world and learn all about people’s digital behaviour and give presentations about these insights at conferences.

This morning, Shing talked in rapid fire mode at SAS Forum. Here are five tips I managed to distil from this rocket speaker.

1. Content creation
You need three types: evergreens (always tasty), seasonal content (relevant for many brands) and content for the NOW.

2. Attention Economy
All brands are competing over the scarce attention of people, who get bombarded with thousands of messages a day. So when you have thirty seconds, use them wisely like Haynes Baked Beans did:

3. Sharing
Likes are deader than dead, Shing says. What you need are ‘shares’. Don’t forget: Every member of your audience has an audience.

4. Failure
Don’t be afraid to experiment and fail miserably. Many successful brands award failures, because very often it makes your company stronger eventually.

5. The Internet of Everything
Not many people in the audience have wearables, but it is underway. Billions of products that all measure stuff. Think of all the data… What can you measure and how can you use that to innovate your products?

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