JK launches YouTube-channel with three shorts

“As far as back as I could remember, I always wanted to be a filmmaker.”
>>> Jeppe Kleijngeld

After a break of nearly 20 years I am back in the film business. And this time in the online age. Through my new channel – Jeppy’s Video Circus – I plan to release short videos regularly.










I am starting off with three shorts that went live this week:

Enforcer Nr. 1
He is introduced as a legendary character in the first Godfather, but then he is quickly killed off. What is the background story of Don Corleone’s hitman Luca Brasi?

Modern Conquest
After the second world war came another war, this time for the contents of our wallets. The country that did best for a while was the one with the most cultural impact. You guessed it, the US and A.

Sharpshit Troopers
This short focuses on a single line from the original Star Wars. Were stormtroopers originally meant to be perceived as dangerous? That is something that good old George Lucas did not make explicitly clear in his original vision as you will see.

There’s more to come in 2021!

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