Reality As an Act of Dreaming

Our reality is like a waking dream. It has rules, those we can study objectively (science). But they are not as steady as we may think. Quantum mechanics has revealed that beyond a steady appearance, there is only probability. It takes the act of observing to construct reality out of potentiality.

We used to think that God was the creator of our world and God resided outside of nature. Then Western science removed God, and we were left with nature without cause. Everything was explained as resulting from an extremely large series of random accidents. This worked partly, but many problems remained. Life and consciousness cannot be explained away by random accidents. Nor can randomness be a proper explanation for the immense ordered complexity we observe around us.

The solution was already present all along. Turns out that Eastern philosophy was closest to the edges of truth we can ever hope to get. God is not outside of nature. God IS nature. And since we are part of nature, we are also part of God. We are the mental hubs in a participatory universe.

According to the famous physicist John Wheeler, the universe is a self-referential ‘strange loop’ in which physics gives rise to observers, who then give rise to meaning – establishing observers – participants who grant a meaningful existence to the universe. The world and consciousness are intermingled in such a way that they mutually co-arise in a deeper unified sphere of being. It is impossible to say which initially caused the other, as their relationship has no beginning in time. Their relationship is reciprocal – now one side and then the other acts as a cause. Through the conscious observer in the dreamlike reality, the universe becomes a lucid dreamer.*

From: The Goldilocks Enigma by Paul Davies

Uncountable small acts of observer-participancy have over eons built up the tangible appearance of the material world. As observers, there is no getting around the fact that each of us are participants in bringing reality into being. Wheeler: “I can’t make something out of nothing, and you can’t, but together we can”. The universe is a collective shared dream that is too seemingly dense and solidified for any one person’s change in perspective to transform, but when a critical mass of people get into alignment and consciously put together what I call our “sacred power of dreaming” we can, literally change the waking dream we are having.”*

As agents of cosmic evolution, we are being invited to contribute to the growing edge of the universe’s creative unfoldment into uncharted territory. This is truly evolution in action, as we discover that we can actively participate in our own evolution, and in fact are being called to do so. We become (or maybe we always have been, but just didn’t know it) a channel for the universe to automatically re-create itself in a novel and evolutionary way. Or maybe I am just dreaming.*

*Segments taken from:
The Quantum Revelation by Paul Levy

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