James Bond: Top 20 Action Sequences

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

20. Space Invaders
Space Invaders (Moonraker)
Clearly inspired by the massive box office hit STAR WARS that came out two years before MOONRAKER. Although nowhere near the amazing Death Star climax of A NEW HOPE, it is a spectacular space battle in which military style astronauts help Bond to take out the space station of uber villain Hugo Drax.

19. Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope (The Living Daylights)
Long and exciting chase sequence in which Bond and the attractive cellist Kara have to outrun the Russian army. They start out in a laser and rocket charged Aston Martin, and later switch to a cello case. According to IMDb, the cello was specially made of fibreglass, and fitted with control handles on the sides and skis underneath. During filming, the case would tend to topple over as Timothy Dalton was heavier than actress Maryam d’Abo who plays Kara.

18. Saigon Chase
Saigon Chase (Tomorrow Never Dies)
Crowded markets are always fun for fast pursuits. Bond takes fellow agent Lin on a motor bike and they drive through the streets of Saigon, while being chased by trucks and a helicopter. Very fast and furious.

17. Swiss Course
Swiss Course (For Your Eyes Only)
Bond goes skiing along the scenic Swiss route and takes some palls along with him. Eric Krieger is one of them, a German skiing champion who also happens to work for the KGB. James proves again to be the best skier around. During the pursuit, he navigates a bobsledding track and a massive ski jump.

16. Delhi Chase
Delhi Chase (Octopussy)
When filming a Bond-movie in India, a tuk-tuk pursuit through the crowded streets of New Delhi is a must. The result is an exciting and especially funny action scene filled with stunts (the tuk-tuk is a well-equipped company car). Features many bad guys with knives and throwing stars, and also camels, beggars and elephants. Lots of roepies save the day eventually.

15. Carmageddon
Carmageddon (Die Another Day)
Bond drives against the Korean terrorist Zao on the icy slopes of Iceland. Both their cars are equipped with more guns and explosive toys than even the most high-tech videogame can come up with, so that ensures entertaining combat. Ends with a spectacular chase through the ice palace. Bond eventually wins due to the adaptive camouflage feature of his Aston Martin.

14. Swamp Run
Swamp Run (Live and Let Die)
A long chase by speedboat through the New Orleans bayou is one hell of a chase. Bond steers his boat through land, roadblocks, water blocks and wedding buffets. The chase was originally written in the script as just ‘Scene 156 – The most terrific boat chase you’ve ever seen’. Bond’s speedboat jump made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for its distance of 110 feet, a record that stood for three years. Sheriff J.W. Pepper makes his debut as the purchaser (he returns in the following Bond-film THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN).

13. Downhill Racer
Downhill Racer (The World is Not Enough)
While skiing, Bond and oil magnate Elektra King are attacked by four parahawks. Armed with machine guns, grenades and rocket launchers, they make it pretty difficult for James. However, since he is the best skier in the world, he outsmarts them. But then they have to survive an avalanche…

12. Battle of Scotland
Battle of Scotland (Skyfall)
This climatic battle takes place at James’ parents old country house in Scotland, where Albert Finney helps Bond and M dispose of dozens of bad guys using old hunting rifles and explosives. One can’t help to think about HOME ALONE during this scene, but it’s an impressive work of destruction nonetheless with quite some humour adding to the enjoyment.

11. The Italian Game
The Italian Game (The Spy Who Loved Me)
After a visit to bad guy Stromberg in Sardinia, Bond and love interest Major Anya Amasova get chased by a collection of baddies; cars (with Jaws among the passengers), motorcycles and a helicopter. After getting rid of several of them, including pushing Jaws’ car down a cliff which he survives, Bond and Amasova take the car for a dive underwater. There they blow the chopper out of the sky and deal with several enemy underwater vehicles. The sequence ends with them going back ashore at a beach to the astonishment of the beach guests.

10. Showdown at Scaramanga’s Maze
Showdown at Scaramanga's Maze (The Man with the Golden Gun)
At the start of THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, villain Scaramanga demonstrated how well he knows his way around in his fun palace. And he can shoot too. Bond’s Walther PPK (6 shots) versus Scaramanga’s golden gun (1 bullet): an exciting duel. 007 is supposed to be Scaramanga’s masterpiece, but after a suspenseful cat and mouse game, Bond defeats him by pretending to be his own wax image.

9. Vertigo
Vertigo (A View to a Kill)
Spectacular climatic action scene of A VIEW TO A KILL. Bond fights psychopathic villain Max Zorin and a zeppelin on top of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. Lot’s of thrills and heart stopping moments in this one.

8. Liparus Shootout
Liparus Shootout (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Bond and several submarine crews are held prisoner on supertanker Liparus. Bond manages to break free the crew and a massive shootout erupts with villain Stromberg’s men. Director Lewis Gilbert likes to end Bond films in this fashion, since he did so in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, and would do so again in MOONRAKER (see 20). This one is the best though. It is a very exciting action scene with loads of explosions and bullet riddled baddies.

7. Flying High
Flying High (The Living Daylights)
While his girlfriend Kara is at the wheel of a transport plane, Bond is fighting baddie Necros while hanging out of the back of the plane. Oh, then there is also a bomb about to go off. Suspense filled flight that ends beautifully with Bond using the bomb to help out a group of Afghan freedom fighters.

6. Madagascar Foot Chase
Madagascar Foot Chase (Casino Royale)
This must be the best purchase on foot ever committed to celluloid. In Uganda, Bond chases a terrorist through jungle and a construction site. The suspect moves like a tiger, but Bond – on his first mission ever – earns his stripes here as a true action hero. The literal highlight is a showdown on a huge crane, in which Bond keeps his head way cooler than his audience.

5. Tank Escape
Tank Escape (GoldenEye)
To hell with subtlety. Bond steals a T-55 tank and chases down Russian baddie Ouromov through the streets of St. Petersburg. There is plenty of damage done. This sequence took around six weeks to film, partly on location in St. Petersburg and partly at Leavesden Studio in London. It is still regarded as one of the most iconic action scenes in the James Bond legacy.

4. Mountain Pursuit
Mountain Pursuit (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
The James Bond legacy brought us the finest skiing action in cinema history, period. The sequence in which 007 and his fiancée Tracy are chased by Blofeld and his Austrian thugs in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE is a prime example. Two highlights: The first one happens when one of Blofeld’s men falls into a snow machine and he gets sprayed all over the slope. Bond remarks: ‘He had a lot of guts’. Classic Bond! The second highlight is Blofeld causing a massive avalanche that fails to kill Bond and Tracy, but does kill three of own men.

3. Train Fight
Train Fight (From Russia with Love)
007 takes on killer Donald Grant in a moving train. This is a very exciting struggle in the narrowest of settings. Filmed in 1963, but still looks quite realistic. As often, Bond wins due to a gadget from Q; a knife hidden in his suitcase. Grant makes a formidable enemy though.

2. Sky Battle
Sky Battle (You Only Live Twice)
Bond is flying his ‘Little Nellie’ over a volcanic area in rural Japan, looking for clues of a secret hidden base. Out of nowhere, four hostile helicopters appear. Bond has to use every available weapon on board to fight them off, including heat seeking missiles, aerial mines and flame guns. ‘Little Nellie got a hot reception’, Bond comments. ‘Four big-shots made improper advances, but she defended her honour with great success.’ Beautifully photographed action sequence that still stands tall decades after it was filmed.

1. Highway to Hell
Highway to Hell (Licence to Kill)
Now this is one chase you’ll never forget. 4 trucks filled with highly explosive kerosene, truckloads full of baddies, 4 stinger missiles and a small airplane. Those are the ingredients of this highly ambitious and explosive sequence. Bond performing a wheelie to avoid a missile is just one of the amazing stunts featured in this scene. Action cinema doesn’t get any better than this.

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James Bond: 10 Most Memorable Deaths (Caused by Bond’s Adversaries)

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. Strawberry Fields
Killer: Quantum
Quote: ‘You might like to tell her your theory about there being no oil. Her lungs are full of it’ [M]
Strawberry Fields
Why Memorable? Another tragic death of one of Bond’s girlfriends. She is found drenched in oil in a hotel room, simply for being an employee of MI6. If Bond wasn’t yet driven by revenge for the death of his love Vesper, now he surely is.

9. Kronsteen
Killer: Morzeny (Blofeld’s man)
Quote: ‘12 seconds. One day we must invent a faster working venom’ [Blofeld]
Why Memorable? Chess player Kronsteen was a secret operative for SPECTRE (Number 5). He was in charge with cooking up strategies for committing thefts and other wicked crimes. But in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, his plan to steal a cipher machine from the Russians failed thanks to James Bond. And failure at SPECTRE is not tolerated! Blofeld therefore has Kronsteen killed with a special pointy shoe. Autch!!

8. Japanese Businessman
Killer: May Day
Quote: ‘This way…’ [May Day]
Japanese Businessman
Why Memorable? This hapless business guy is released from baddie Max Zorin’s blimp into the San Francisco Bay for refusing to cooperate with Zorin’s evil plans for Silicon Valley. It is freaky that the airship has a door and staircase made specifically for this purpose. It would then be almost a shame not to use it, which is no problem in Max Zorin’s case. He seems to enjoy killing more than anything else in the world. ‘So, anyone else want to drop out?’ Zorin asks the other business men. No response.

7. Stromberg’s Secretary
Killer: Stromberg
Quote: ‘It was you who betrayed me. You had access to all the information. And now you will pay the penalty’ [Karl Stromberg]
Stromberg's Secretary
Why Memorable? ‘Someone has attempted to sell the plans of our tracking project to competing world powers.’ When you hear a villain utter these words, you know someone is about to seriously get it. The beauty about this scene is that you think that Professor Markovitz and Dr. Bechmann are screwed until Stromberg pushes a button dropping his secretary through the elevator floor into a shark basin. Markovitz and Bechmann gaze in horror as the shark starts eating her. Then they have to take the elevator themselves . . .

6. M
Killer: Silva
Quote: ‘Free both of us with the same bullet’ [Silva]
Why Memorable? M is surely the greatest regular character besides Bond since Judi Dench took the role in GOLDENEYE, so her death seven movies later feels like a major blow. She dies right in James’ arms, but not after telling him; ‘I did get one thing right.’ Get out the handkerchiefs now. Even Bond sheds a tear…

5. Milton Krest
Killer: Franz Sanchez
Quote: ‘You’re right it’s not your money. It’s mine…’ [Franz Sanchez]
Milton Krest
Why Memorable? Milton Krest becomes a victim in 007’s quest to exact vengeance on drug dealer Sanchez for torturing his friend Felix and murdering his wife Della. Thanks to insinuations from Bond, Sanchez suspects that Krest tried to have him assassinated. Then his goons find his own stolen money in Krest his decompression chamber (planted there by Bond). A furious Sanchez kicks Krest inside the decompression chamber and gradually turns the pressure valve to an extreme level, before hacking the vent with an axe. The rapid decompression causes Krest his head to expand and then violently explode, splattering the porthole window with blood. Gruesome, but also funny for those with a stomach for this kind of violence.

4. Admiral Chuch Farrel
Killer: Xenia Onatopp
Quote: Lyubeemyets’ [Xenia Onatopp]
Admiral Chuck Farrel
Why Memorable? What the admiral though was just wild sex, turned out a little too wild. He is killed by suffocation by Xenia Onatopp’s thighs. A very impressive performance by Xenia, who even casually steals an access pass out of his jacket while doing the strangling.

3. Vesper Lynd
Killer: Quantum
Quote: ‘I’m sorry James’ [Vesper Lynd]
Vesper Lynd
Why Memorable? It appears though as Bond’s true love Vesper betrayed him by stealing a large sum of money, but she actually helped him. The organisation behind the whole plot in CASINO ROYALE blackmailed her to deliver the money in exchange for saving Bond’s life. Bond kills the men and tries to rescue Vesper, but she locks herself in an iron-frame lift and allows herself to drown as the building sinks. A very sad ending for this lovely girl, which reminds us of the death of Bond’s new wife Tracy in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. Speaking of which…

2. Tracy
Killer: Irma Bunt
Quote: ‘We have all the time in the world’ [James Bond]
Why Memorable? Perhaps the most tragic death in the entire series. After finally finding stability and a future with James, Tracy gets shot in her car right after their wedding. When a policeman stops over to check it out, Bond tells him: ‘It’s all right. She’s having a rest. We’ll be going on soon. There’s no hurry you see? We have all the time in the world.’ By now, half the audience is crying like Miss Moneypenny was at the wedding.

1. Jill Masterson
Killer: Oddjob
Quote: ‘Felix, get over here right away. The girl is dead. No, Jill Masterson. She’s covered in paint. Gold paint’ [James Bond]
Jill Masterson
Why Memorable? Jill Masterson sure messed with the wrong guy. No not Bond, well also. But Auric Goldfinger, the man with the Midas touch, is a whole different story. Jill failed to help him win a rigged game of poker due to interference from Bond. His revenge makes for one of the most memorable scenes in the entire James Bond series. After making love, James is knocked out by Goldfinger’s henchman Oddjob. When he comes to, he finds Jill covered in gold paint!

Top Secret

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James Bond: 10 Greatest Licensed Kills

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. Fake Blofeld
Kiss off line: ‘Wrong pussy’
Fake Blofeld
Why Great? After Bond already supposedly killed his main adversary Blofeld in the pre-title sequence of the movie by drowning him in a pool of superheated mud, he is surprised to learn that he is still alive. Not only that, he has created another copy of himself. Bond has one hook in his climbing gun, so he can kill only one of them, but which one? Bond has an idea, he kicks Blofeld’s cat which jumps into the arms of one Blofeld who James then shoots and kills. Unfortunately another pussycats walks into the room… ‘Right idea Mr. Bond’, the real Blofeld remarks. ‘But wrong Pussy’, concludes Bond.

9. Emile Leopold Locque
Kiss off line: ‘He had no head for heights’
Emile Leopold Locke
Why Great? Bond kicks this bastard down a ravine for the murder of one of his colleagues. Roger Moore proves that his Bond can also be a cool killer when he needs to be.

8. Dario
Kiss off line: None
Why Great? The sadistic Dario ends up in the same cocaine grinder he wanted to put Bond in. This is a way too unpleasant death, even for him. A gruesome detail is that you can hear him cry his master’s name ‘Franz’ in a final call for help. A god awful, agonizing death.

7. Oddjob
Kiss off line: ‘He blew a fuse’
Why Great? Great because it’s his own deadly hat that becomes his undoing. Bond fries Oddjob when he reaches for his hat that is stuck between bars of the Fort Knox vault during their final fight. Oddjob was a toughie, so it is an impressive kill for the mighty James Bond.

6. Xenia Onatopp
Kiss off line: ‘She always did enjoy a good squeeze’
Xenia Onatopp
Why Great? In Xenia’s final encounter with Bond on Cuba, she ambushes him and his girl Natalya Simonova by rappelling from a helicopter and trying to squeeze him to death between her legs (she first takes out Natalya with a headbut). However, Bond is able to connect the rope she rappelled down with to her safety harness, grabs her AK-74 rifle, and shoots down the helicopter which then pulls Onatopp off Bond and sends her flying into the crotch of a tree, with her safety harness crushing her to death. How fitting.

5. Hugo Drax
Kiss off line: ‘Take a giant step for mankind’
Hugo Drax
Why Great? He was another villain with a God complex, Drax wanted to wipe out the earth’s population and start a whole new race from space, with specimens he handpicked himself. But Bond ruins his plans and Drax wants to shoot him in revenge. But Bond shoots him first with a poison dart. Before Drax dies, Bond pushes him out of the airlock of his space station; a very suiting death for this space-obsessed lunatic. ‘He had to fly’, Bond later comments when asked what happened to Drax.

4. Franz Sanchez
Kiss off line: ‘Don’t you want to know why?’
Franz Sanchez
Why Great? An unlicensed kill really, since Bond lost his licence earlier. Villain Sanchez – who Bond had been trying to extract vengeance upon for the torture of his friend Felix and death of Felix’s wife – is holding a machete to Bond’s head, preparing to slay him. Bond buys some time by explaining Sanchez why he wanted revenge on him. He does so by showing him the lighter Felix gave him as a wedding present. The inscription reads: ‘James. love always. Della and Felix’. Sanchez covered in petrol, realises who Bond is, but before he can respond, Bond sets him aflame. He dies screaming and 007 gets his deserved vengeance.

3. Alec Trevelyan
Kiss off line: ‘For me’
Alec Trevelyan
Why Great? Bond is a professional killer, but once in a while he makes a personal kill (Blofeld in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY for example). Killing Alec is probably the most personal kill in his career because Alec was his friend. He betrayed both James and England, and after almost killing Bond a few times, 007 manages to throw him down a mast, only holding him by his feet. ‘For England James?’, asks the defeated Trevelyan. ‘No, for me’, Bond replies and drops Alec to his death.

2. Dr. Kananga
Kiss off line: ‘He always did have an inflated opinion of himself’
Why Great? Bond takes care of baddie Kananga by making him eat a compressed air pattern causing him to blow up like a balloon. This is the first time 007 commits a political assassination, Kananga being a head of state.

1. Elektra King
Kiss off line: ‘I never miss’
Elektra King
Why Great? This is the first time Bond kills a Bond Girl, who was a major love interest for him. Off course he has good reasons: she wanted to kill him and M after all. Still, it is a cold, professional move by Bond.

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James Bond: 10 Greatest Villains

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Played by: Anthony Dawson, Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray, John Hollis, Max von Sydow
Quote: ‘Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one’
Ernst Blofeld 2
Ernst Blofeld 1
Why memorable: Ernst Blofeld is the arch villain of the Bond series. As leader (Nr. 1) of SPECTRE, he is cunning and rotten to the core. He appears in seven Bond films and is finally killed by Bond (thrown in factory chimney by helicopter) in the pre-title sequence of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. This is Bond’s revenge for the death of his first and only wife at the hands of Blofeld in AT YOUR MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. Blofeld is played by a different actor in almost each of the seven movies he appears in and they all have a slightly different interpretation of the role. My favourite interpretation of Blofeld is the one performed by Donald Pleasence in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (photo).

9. Francisco Scaramanga
Played by: Christopher Lee
Quote: ‘My name is Scaramanga. Francisco Scaramanga. I feel I know you, although I never thought we should ever really meet’
Francisco Scaramanga 2
Why memorable: An assassin with a golden gun who charges a million bucks per hit, but he is willing to do James Bond for free. It is all about the challenge for this pistol artist who grew up in a circus. Great portrayal by the dark and handsome Christopher Lee. He makes Scaramanga a truly dangerous and respectable opponent. Bond’s employer MI6 has evaluated Scaramanga as one of the finest shots in the world, and M authorizes Bond to assassinate the KGB-trained gunman – if he can.

8. Kananga
Played by: Yaphet Kotto
Quote: ‘At any cost – any – Bond must die’
Kananga 2
Why memorable: After Blofeld has been the villain for three Bond movies in a row, it was time for something else. Kananga is a power-hungry political baddy with a taste for voodoo and sadism. He is also a drug manufacturer. On his island San Monique he has thousands of acres of poppy (heroin) fields, protected by the Voodoo threat of Kananga’s accomplice Baron Samedi. Then there is Kananga’s alter ego, the New Orleans based Mr. Big, distributer and wholesaler of the product through his chain of Fillet of Soul restaurants. Kananga/Mr. Big is excellently portrayed by character actor Yaphet Kotto as a frustrated, angry, impatient and violent bully. Kananga is named after Ross Kananga, owner of the crocodile farm featured in the movie.

7. Maximilian Largo
Played by: Adolfo Celi, Klaus Maria Brandauer
Quote: ‘Do you lose as gracefully as you win?’
Maximilian Largo 1
Why memorable: Icy villain that works for SPECTRE as head of its extortion operations, under the organization’s leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Appears in both THUNDERBALL and unofficial remake NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. I am personally more a fan of the second interpretation. Largo’s cover is that he is a well known millionaire and philanthropist. Largo’s two main headquarters are his super-yacht The Flying Saucer and a Moorish castle Palmyra located on the north coast of Africa. He seems very friendly and controlled, but all of a sudden he can get real psychopathic. A very scary acting job by Austrian character actor Klaus Maria Brandauer.

6. Alec Trevelyan
Played by: Sean Bean
Quote: ‘Why can’t you just be a good boy and die?’
Alec Trevelyan 1
Why memorable: Former colleague and friend of Bond who faked his own death and comes back nine years later to extract revenge on Britain for what happened to his parents in the war. This leader of the Janus Crime Syndicate is very angry and hateful making him an interesting antagonist. For James this is the first time he faces a former friend, but naturally he stays true to Britain. Sean Bean is excellent as the vengeful Trevelyan, whose face is scarred due to Bond, making him even more hungry for payback.

5. Elektra King
Played by: Sophie Marceau
Quote: ‘I always had a power over men. Nobody can resist me’
Elektra King 1
Why memorable: THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is the first James Bond movie where the main villain is a woman. This is revealed later in the film when Elektra is already a major love interest for James. She turns out to be pretty cold. She murdered her own father because she felt he hadn’t helped her sufficiently when she was kidnapped. Now she wants revenge on M, who worked together with her father during the kidnapping. Elektra is very sexy, smart, manipulative and above all: deadly. In short, the perfect Bond villain.

4. Max Zorin
Played by: Christopher Walken
Quote: ‘Intuitive improvisation is the secret of genius’
Max Zorin 2
Why memorable: A mad evil doctor did experiments on pregnant woman during the Second World War to enhance the intelligence of babies. Most of the women had miscarriages, but Max Zorin is one of the doctor’s success stories. He is extremely intelligent, but the treatment had a side effect: he is utterly psychotic as well. Zorin was trained by and long-affiliated with the KGB. Then he became a successful business man, first in oil, then in microchips. Zorin forms a plan to destroy his only competition in Silicon Valley by triggering a massive earthquake in the San Andreas Fault at high tide, causing the valley to flood. Zorin is completely ruthless and displays a total lack of loyalty towards his own men, as shown when he mows down hundreds of his own mine workers with a machine gun, laughing psychotically while doing it. He even betrays his own right hand woman May Day. Besides killing, he also has a strong passion for horse racing.

3. Karl Stromberg
Played by: Curt Jurgens
Quote: ‘Cancel transfer of 20 million dollars. Inform next of kin that a tragic accident has resulted in the deaths of Professor Markovitz and Dr. Bechmann. The funeral was at sea’
Karl Stromberg 1
Why memorable: Shipping tycoon Karl Stromberg is, along with Hugo Drax in the follow-up MOONRAKER, the most ambitious Bond villain and among the most rich and powerful (and crazy). His masterplan is to destroy the world via a nuclear war and create a new civilisation under the sea. He can best be characterised as insane maniac who thinks he is God. Stromberg reclusively lives in his sea station ‘Atlantis’ that has a spectacularly beautiful aquarium that contains several rare species, but also sharks that he uses to feed his disloyal underlings to. Prefers not to shake hands.

2. Franz Sanchez
Played by: Robert Davi
Quote: ‘I just want you to know that this is nothing personal. It’s purely business’
Franz Sanchez 1
Why memorable: Robert Davi plays the role of a lifetime as Franz Sanchez, a ruthless druglord who is completely believable in his cruel practices. From the moment he is introduced, he is evil and menacing. His first acts shown to us are whipping his girlfriend for cheating and having her lover’s heart cut out. Soon after, he throws Bond’s best friend Felix Leiter to the sharks. When LICENCE TO KILL came out, newspapers were full of cocaine kings like Sanchez, making him a very current villain at the time.

1. Auric Goldfinger
Played by: Gert Fröbe
Quote: ‘No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!’
Auric Goldfinger 2
Why memorable: Industrial tycoon and criminal mastermind that wants to increase the value of his gold supply (approx. 10 times) by blowing a nuclear bomb in the vault of Fort Knox, making the entire gold supply of the United States radioactive for 60 years. His plan is so ambitious that he must be a lunatic. He is, but still comes pretty close to achieve his operation Grand Slam, killing many people along the way, including the turned Jill Masterson, who is found covered in gold paint. ‘It’s the kiss of death…’. What makes Goldfinger so intriguing – apart from his brilliant name – is his love for gold. ‘All my life, I’ve been in love with its colour, brilliance and divine heaviness.’ He dies by getting sucked out of an airplane cabin through a window that Bond has shot.

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