James Bond: 10 Most Memorable Deaths (Caused by Bond’s Adversaries)

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. Strawberry Fields
Killer: Quantum
Quote: ‘You might like to tell her your theory about there being no oil. Her lungs are full of it’ [M]
Strawberry Fields
Why Memorable? Another tragic death of one of Bond’s girlfriends. She is found drenched in oil in a hotel room, simply for being an employee of MI6. If Bond wasn’t yet driven by revenge for the death of his love Vesper, now he surely is.

9. Kronsteen
Killer: Morzeny (Blofeld’s man)
Quote: ‘12 seconds. One day we must invent a faster working venom’ [Blofeld]
Why Memorable? Chess player Kronsteen was a secret operative for SPECTRE (Number 5). He was in charge with cooking up strategies for committing thefts and other wicked crimes. But in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, his plan to steal a cipher machine from the Russians failed thanks to James Bond. And failure at SPECTRE is not tolerated! Blofeld therefore has Kronsteen killed with a special pointy shoe. Autch!!

8. Japanese Businessman
Killer: May Day
Quote: ‘This way…’ [May Day]
Japanese Businessman
Why Memorable? This hapless business guy is released from baddie Max Zorin’s blimp into the San Francisco Bay for refusing to cooperate with Zorin’s evil plans for Silicon Valley. It is freaky that the airship has a door and staircase made specifically for this purpose. It would then be almost a shame not to use it, which is no problem in Max Zorin’s case. He seems to enjoy killing more than anything else in the world. ‘So, anyone else want to drop out?’ Zorin asks the other business men. No response.

7. Stromberg’s Secretary
Killer: Stromberg
Quote: ‘It was you who betrayed me. You had access to all the information. And now you will pay the penalty’ [Karl Stromberg]
Stromberg's Secretary
Why Memorable? ‘Someone has attempted to sell the plans of our tracking project to competing world powers.’ When you hear a villain utter these words, you know someone is about to seriously get it. The beauty about this scene is that you think that Professor Markovitz and Dr. Bechmann are screwed until Stromberg pushes a button dropping his secretary through the elevator floor into a shark basin. Markovitz and Bechmann gaze in horror as the shark starts eating her. Then they have to take the elevator themselves . . .

6. M
Killer: Silva
Quote: ‘Free both of us with the same bullet’ [Silva]
Why Memorable? M is surely the greatest regular character besides Bond since Judi Dench took the role in GOLDENEYE, so her death seven movies later feels like a major blow. She dies right in James’ arms, but not after telling him; ‘I did get one thing right.’ Get out the handkerchiefs now. Even Bond sheds a tear…

5. Milton Krest
Killer: Franz Sanchez
Quote: ‘You’re right it’s not your money. It’s mine…’ [Franz Sanchez]
Milton Krest
Why Memorable? Milton Krest becomes a victim in 007’s quest to exact vengeance on drug dealer Sanchez for torturing his friend Felix and murdering his wife Della. Thanks to insinuations from Bond, Sanchez suspects that Krest tried to have him assassinated. Then his goons find his own stolen money in Krest his decompression chamber (planted there by Bond). A furious Sanchez kicks Krest inside the decompression chamber and gradually turns the pressure valve to an extreme level, before hacking the vent with an axe. The rapid decompression causes Krest his head to expand and then violently explode, splattering the porthole window with blood. Gruesome, but also funny for those with a stomach for this kind of violence.

4. Admiral Chuch Farrel
Killer: Xenia Onatopp
Quote: Lyubeemyets’ [Xenia Onatopp]
Admiral Chuck Farrel
Why Memorable? What the admiral though was just wild sex, turned out a little too wild. He is killed by suffocation by Xenia Onatopp’s thighs. A very impressive performance by Xenia, who even casually steals an access pass out of his jacket while doing the strangling.

3. Vesper Lynd
Killer: Quantum
Quote: ‘I’m sorry James’ [Vesper Lynd]
Vesper Lynd
Why Memorable? It appears though as Bond’s true love Vesper betrayed him by stealing a large sum of money, but she actually helped him. The organisation behind the whole plot in CASINO ROYALE blackmailed her to deliver the money in exchange for saving Bond’s life. Bond kills the men and tries to rescue Vesper, but she locks herself in an iron-frame lift and allows herself to drown as the building sinks. A very sad ending for this lovely girl, which reminds us of the death of Bond’s new wife Tracy in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. Speaking of which…

2. Tracy
Killer: Irma Bunt
Quote: ‘We have all the time in the world’ [James Bond]
Why Memorable? Perhaps the most tragic death in the entire series. After finally finding stability and a future with James, Tracy gets shot in her car right after their wedding. When a policeman stops over to check it out, Bond tells him: ‘It’s all right. She’s having a rest. We’ll be going on soon. There’s no hurry you see? We have all the time in the world.’ By now, half the audience is crying like Miss Moneypenny was at the wedding.

1. Jill Masterson
Killer: Oddjob
Quote: ‘Felix, get over here right away. The girl is dead. No, Jill Masterson. She’s covered in paint. Gold paint’ [James Bond]
Jill Masterson
Why Memorable? Jill Masterson sure messed with the wrong guy. No not Bond, well also. But Auric Goldfinger, the man with the Midas touch, is a whole different story. Jill failed to help him win a rigged game of poker due to interference from Bond. His revenge makes for one of the most memorable scenes in the entire James Bond series. After making love, James is knocked out by Goldfinger’s henchman Oddjob. When he comes to, he finds Jill covered in gold paint!

Top Secret

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James Bond: 10 Best Title Sequences

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

10. The Man with the Golden Gun
Song: ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’
Artist: Lulu (performer) and John Barry (composer)The Man with the Golden Gun 1
Golden guns and bullets and beautiful (naked) dames make for a very cool opening sequence, even though the opening song by Scottish singer Lulu is somewhat forgettable. The theme tune is considered by critics to be among the weakest of Barry’s contributions to the series. He agrees himself. ‘It’s the one I hate most… it just never happened for me.’

9. Tomorrow Never Dies
Song: ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’
Artist: Sheryl Crow (writer and performer) and Mitchell Froom (writer and producer)
Tomorrow Never Dies 1
Bond really enters the digital age with TOMORROW NEVER DIES. The title scene represents that transition perfectly with the usual images of guns and girls morphed into digital transformations. It has a relaxed pace, features a melodic song by Sheryl Crow and perfectly fits the media theme of the instalment.

8. Moonraker
Song: ‘Moonraker’
Artist: Shirley Bassey (performer) and John Barry (composer)Moonraker 1
High velocity, blue moons, the earth seen from space, lunar experience, dames flying… The Moonraker title sequence features the third and final Bond-song performed by Shirley Bassey (following GOLDFINGER and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER). Very pleasant title sequence that feels a bit like floating in outer space…

7. Licence to Kill
Song: ‘Licence to Kill’
Artist: Gladys Knight (performer) and Michael Kamen (composer)Licence to Kill 1
John Barry was not available at the time of production for LICENCE TO KILL, so Michael Kamen (LETHAL WEAPON, DIE HARD) got the composing job. The song, performed by Gladys Knight, became one of the finest and most popular title songs of the series. It remains a classic song to this day, really beautiful. The title design is the last one by Maurice Binder. He died in 1991.

6. Dr. No
Song: ‘The James Bond Theme’
Artist: Monty Norman (writer) and John Barry (composer)Dr. No 1
The first ever title sequence is a pretty basic, but colourful and atmospheric animation sequence. What really makes it work is the exciting and cool surf rock style guitar riff. This ‘James Bond theme’ would return in every Bond flick. Since this is the first time the theme music is used, a position in this list is obligatory.

5. Casino Royale
Song: ‘You Know My Name’
Artist: Chris Cornell (writer and performer) and David Arnold (writer and composer)Casino Royale 1
‘You know my name.’
Yes, we do. The CASINO ROYALE animation is a stunning piece of art work. In designing the credit sequence, designer Daniel Kleinman was inspired by the cover of the 1953 British first edition of CASINO ROYALE, which featured Ian Fleming’s original design of a playing card bordered by eight red hearts dripping with blood. The scene ends with Bond’s double 0 status being confirmed. New Bond Daniel Craig walks up to the camera, slowly revealing his face. Yes, this is Bond allright.

4. GoldenEye
Song: ‘GoldenEye’
Artist: Tina Turner (performer), Bono & The Edge (writers) and Nellee Hooper (composer)GoldenEye 1
Tina Turner’s GoldenEye is one of the coolest opening songs ever. It rightly became one of the highest-charting hit singles of Turner’s career in the UK and Europe. The images of the credit sequence mostly revolve around the destruction of the old USSR, one of the main themes of GOLDENEYE. It also has a gun popping out of a girl’s mouth; a combination of the two most frequently used elements in Bond title sequences. Fantastic first design job by Daniel Kleinman, who succeeded Maurice Binder who had died in 1991.

3. You Only Live Twice
Song: ‘You Only Live Twice’
Artist: Nancy Sinatra (performer) and John Barry (composer)You Only Live Twice 1
Bitter sweet Asian style credit sequence featuring one of the most beautiful James Bond title songs. Nancy Sinatra sings a song that could easily be her fathers; romantic and spellbinding. Maurice Binder created another visually impressive intro featuring volcanos, Japanese hand fans and off course pretty Asian girls. We like.

2. Goldfinger
Song: ‘Goldfinger’
Artist: Shirley Bassey (performer) and John Barry (composer)Goldfinger 2
Beautiful golden images combines with the greatest James Bond title song hands down. Shirley Bassey’s vocals give us goose bumps every time. Interestingly, the theme was almost taken out of the film because of its producer’s (Harry Saltzman) opinion. He hated it, saying ‘That’s the worst fucking song I’ve ever heard in my fucking life’. Luckily, there was no time to record another song, so the theme song stayed. During the opening, we get to see many clips of the movie we are about to see moulded in golden shapes. It has the same effect gold does; it makes us greedy for more. Great job!

1. Skyfall
Song: ‘Skyfall’
Artist: Adele (writer and performer) and Paul Epworth (writer and producer)Skyfall 1
‘This is the end…’
A fascinating play of shadows and dark underwater worlds, and tokens of death… Designer Daniel Kleinman’s best so far. And Adele’s title song really has the classic sound to it. An unparalleled beauty of a credit sequence.

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James Bond: 10 Best Pre-Credit Scenes

In anticipation of SPECTRE, FilmDungeon.com editor Jeppe Kleyngeld lists his favourite things about the James Bond series in 12 unique features. Enjoy!

The 10 Best Pre-Credit Scenes 

10. Die Another Day
Die Another Day 1
Multi-dollar action sequence in North Korea, featuring terrific hovercrafts and high-tech weaponry. In his last performance as Bond, Brosnan comes surfing in on this high stakes assassination mission. The images have a very bleak colour, fitting and stylish for the North Korean setting. Most of the action consists of a hovercraft chase through a damp North Korean forest.

9. Licence to Kill
License to Kill
Felix Leiter’s wedding is rudely interrupted by the DEA. They are after a South American drug lord who is currently on the Bahamas’ and they enlist CIA-agent Leiter to catch him. Bond goes along for the ride, but ‘strictly as an observer’. Yeah right. It is too much to explain all that happens next, but it’s very good stuff. It ends in a brilliant stunt, namely a DEA helicopter that plucks Sanchez’s plane straight out of the sky. Leiter and Bond still make it to the wedding in time by parachute.

8. Octopussy
Octopussy 1
Octopussy 2
007 becomes a one man army in this adrenaline fuelled start of OCTOPUSSY. He pretends to be Colonel Luis Toro in order to enter a heavily armed enemy base in Cuba to place a bomb. But he is caught, so he has to go with Plan B. That involves attacking the base with a micro airplane, being chased by a heat seeking missile and using that to blow up the main hangar (where the enemy’s secret weapons are stored). Off course he also snugs a girl during all of this. That is how you fulfil your objectives in style.

7. Thunderball
Thunderball 3
James attends the funeral of Colonel Jacques Bouvar, an operative from SPECTRE (Number 6). On his coffin are the initials JB and Bond remarks that he would have liked killing Bouvar himself for murdering two of his colleagues. Later, Bond goes to the château of Bouvar where he identifies his foe disguised as his own widow. A spectacular fight ensues in which no piece of furniture is left unused. After Bond killed Bouvar with a fire poke, he makes a spectacular escape using a jetpack and his Aston Martin DB5. Very cool sequence that sucks you right into the movie.

6. For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only
It took a while, but James finally gets his revenge on his arch enemy Ernst Stravro Blofeld for murdering his wife Teresa in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. This credit sequence has no direct link with the story in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, but does fit the central ‘revenge’ theme. Bond is called away while visiting his deceased wife’s grave. As he approaches Blofeld’s hide-out, the controls of his chopper are taken over by the old SPECTRE leader. After Blofeld has toyed with him for a while, Bond manages to take back control of the chopper again, scoops up Blofeld and drops him in a factory chimney. ‘Mr. Bond’, he pleads, ‘We can do a deal. I’ll buy you a delicatessen. In stainless steal.’

5. Casino Royale
Casino Royale 1
This back-to-the-beginning entry in the series opens with a grainy black and white sequence in which Bond earns his Double 0-status. We learn it takes two kills to become a Double 0. The first one is a real die hard kill in a men’s room. But the second one is considerably easier. Nice to meet you, Mr. Bond.

4. Skyfall
Skyfall 1
SKYFALL opens with a massive pursuit through Turkey. Bond needs to get his hands on a stolen list with identities of secret agents. He chases the bad guy on foot, by car, by bike and by train. With trademark humour (‘just changing carriages’) and plenty of demolition. The perfect opening for Bond’s 50th anniversary movie.

3. You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice 1
It begins with the brutal space jacking of Jupiter 16, an American spacecraft. With the cold war going on, the Americans are quick to accuse the Russians, but her Majesty’s government does not agree. Their sources say the enemy’s spacecraft has landed in Japan, so all secret intelligence should look in that direction. ‘Our man in Hong Kong is on it right now’, says a British official. Cut to James Bond making love to a Chinese girl. Soon after, Bond is executed off screen and the police finds his dead body. Surely, James can not be dead? Very suspenseful opening of the fifth official Bond movie.

2. The Spy Who Loved Me
The Spy Who Loved Me
A submarine hijacking, a terrific skiing purchase, the classic British flag escape… This is how you start a Bond movie. The action is also a set-up for the plot, unlike the usual standalone pre-credit scenes. Bond kills a Russian agent who happens to be the lover of a female Russian spy (the gorgeous Triple X) who James will very soon meet…

1. GoldenEye
GoldenEye 2
It is a breath-taking moment, when James bungee jumps of a massive dam in Russia. After that comes the toilet joke (‘beg your pardon, forgot to knock’), the first we see of Pierce Brosnan’s humorous take on 007. After that it is action time with Bond and colleague 006, who are assigned to destroy a chemical weapons factory. After 006 gets killed by General Ouromov, Bond makes a very narrow escape by pulling an unbelievable airplane stunt. Spectacular opening in every way.


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