The 10 Greatest TV-Show Covers

10. Banshee – Season 2
Banshee - S2
The ultimate capture of small town violence. Too bad the show aint half as good as this poster.

9. Breaking Bad – Season 3
Breaking Bad - S3
Unstable. Volatile. Dangerous. Those words couldn’t ring truer for any programme. ‘And that’s just the chemistry’ it adds. Exactly, chemistry is the metaphor for everything going on this show. Different combinations of elements can lead to explosive results.

8. Homeland – Season 4
Homeland - S4
Carrie Mathison, one of the finest TV-characters of our time, finds herself in a tight spot by the looks of it. This promises high tension in this season of ‘Homeland’, a show with a highly actual central theme – the threat of fundamentalist Islam – that is already charged with hyper tension.

7. Game of Thrones – Season 1
Game of Thrones - S1
That Iron Throne is really something… And that’s Sean Bean sitting on it, an actor that our (un)conscious minds immediately connect to the fantasy genre. This promises to be one hell of a show.

6. The Walking Dead – Season 1
The Walking Dead - S1
A full blown zombie apocalypse visualised in one beautiful image. Stunning.

5. The Sopranos – Season 5
The Sopranos - SE5
‘Hell’ in modern New Jersey has always been a theme of the complex and mysterious ‘The Sopranos’. For its fifth season, this theme is captured perfectly in a painting-like cover that could be the work of Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

4. Mad Men – Season 1
Mad Men - S1
For a show that is all about design (and big ego’s), they managed to completely nail the art direction. Simplicity never worked better than in this small masterpiece of a cover.

3. Breaking Bad – Season 5
Breaking Bad - S5
This is brilliant for how much it tells. Being a king in the meth world is so not appealing; the emptiness, the loneliness… You can tell from Walter’s face how he feels and it’s not so good either. But he can’t stop. Not any more.

2. Treme – Season 1
Treme - S1
The perfect New Orleans photo. Immediately throws you into the mood of the show. And that green is truly entrancing.

1. The Wire – Season 3
The Wire - SE3
The show with the best faces on television present four of their best – Avon, Stringer, Kima and McNulty in a fabulous composition. The cops are going after the players again and this promises to be one hell of a showdown. It’s all in the Game yo.

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