15 coolest (or most ridiculous) DVD packages

Everything is streamable nowadays, but for real movie collectors like myself, nothing beats the good old DVD in your closet. Below are 15 of the coolest and weirdest collector’s DVD’s I’ve come across. Check it out.

15. The Walking Dead



14. Cast Away


13. Indiana Jones


12. Repo Man


11. Alien


10. Predator


09. The Fly


08. Terminator 2: Judgment Day


07. Kill Bill


06. Rambo


05. Evil Dead


04. The Big Lebowski


03. Six Feet Under


02. Breaking Bad


01. Die Hard (Nakatomi Plaza 😉



And the greatest television bad guy of the last decennium is:


Gustavo Fring, Breaking Bad

“Gus is an empire-builder and a great inspiration and motivation to Walter White – whether Walt would admit it or not.”
―Vince Gilligan, Creator Breaking Bad

5 Must See TV-shows Before You Die

By Jeppe Kleyngeld

In this age of distraction a.k.a. entertainment, a lack of time is always a factor. There are way too many great TV-shows out there to see them all, so which ones should you pick? Many are great to watch, but which ones are truly essential and epic? I assassinated my darlings and wrote down the absolute best. Before you die, you should definitely see these shows in their entirety. I calculated this will take you about 13.263 minutes of your life (or 221 hours). Trust me, it is worth every second.

1. The Sopranos
5 TV Shows - The Sopranos
The greatest drama series of all time about a small Mafia family in modern New Jersey. While ‘The Godfather’ shows the highest level of the mob hierarchy, and ‘GoodFellas’ shows us the everyday life of street level wiseguys, ‘The Sopranos’ has the psyche of the mobster as a central theme. Brilliantly complex, layered and beyond entertaining, ‘The Sopranos’ is the best thing to ever hit the small screen. With writing and a cast you can only dream off, led by the now legendary James Gandolfini, may he rest in peace.

2. Breaking Bad
5 TV Shows - Breaking Bad
A chemistry teacher with lung cancer steadily transforms into a crystal meth kingpin… and ruthless murderer. This philosophically charged odyssey through the dark corners of the human mind is an unforgettably tense and emotional rollercoaster ride. One of the rare series that is consistently brilliant throughout its running time. Absolutely unmissable.

3. I, Claudius
5 TV Shows - I, Claudius Snake
BBC-adaptation of Robert Graves novels’ about the reign of four Roman emperors: the mighty Augustus, the bloodthirsty Tiberius, the insane Caligula, and finally the wise Claudius who lived through all periods and serves as the navigator/protagonist of the mini-series. ‘I, Claudius’ is dialogue heavy and is almost completely filmed in the studio, but… the dialogues and acting are to kill for. Watching ‘I, Claudius’ is like having front row tickets for the greatest theatre in the world. Every minute you are longing for more and can’t wait to find out what will happen next. An immortal classic.

4. The Wire
5 TV Shows - The Wire
The major problems of an American city (Baltimore) experienced through all corners of society: drug dealers, police, politicians, school staff, high school kids, junkies, dock workers and media men. David Simon’s reinvention of the cop genre is a prime example of superior storytelling that – despite of all the street legends – always feel authentic and above all… human. It’s all in the game, yo.

5. Twin Peaks
5 TV Shows - Twin Peaks
David Lynch, in collaboration with writer/producer Mark Frost, captured the imagination of audiences worldwide with one of the most legendary television series to emerge in the nineties: ‘Twin Peaks’. What starts as a slightly offbeat whodunit, evolves into a complex and superbly intriguing mystery thriller. ‘Who murdered the high school beauty queen Laura Palmer?’, is the original premise. But with all sorts of supernatural stuff going on, new and bigger questions arise, such as: ‘what is the Black Lodge?’. The plot in ‘Twin Peaks’ often takes a backseat to just let the many bizarre characters interact with each other. The show often feels like a platform for all the crazy ideas that Lynch, Frost and other collaborators could come up with.

What makes the final result so great is the seamless integration of genres. With delicious black humour and countless fantasy elements such as dwarves, giants, aliens and demons, the viewer will get hooked in no time. It is constantly absorbing, even during long stretches in which basically nothing significant happens. ‘Twin Peaks’ is an endlessly fascinating show that took dramatic television into an entirely new realm.

And good news for the fans. In 1991 when the show aired, Laura Palmer made a creepy prediction:

5 TV Shows - Twin Peaks 2

So that means that in 2016? Yes, it does. ‘Twin Peaks’ will return.

The 10 Greatest TV-Show Covers

10. Banshee – Season 2
Banshee - S2
The ultimate capture of small town violence. Too bad the show aint half as good as this poster.

9. Breaking Bad – Season 3
Breaking Bad - S3
Unstable. Volatile. Dangerous. Those words couldn’t ring truer for any programme. ‘And that’s just the chemistry’ it adds. Exactly, chemistry is the metaphor for everything going on this show. Different combinations of elements can lead to explosive results.

8. Homeland – Season 4
Homeland - S4
Carrie Mathison, one of the finest TV-characters of our time, finds herself in a tight spot by the looks of it. This promises high tension in this season of ‘Homeland’, a show with a highly actual central theme – the threat of fundamentalist Islam – that is already charged with hyper tension.

7. Game of Thrones – Season 1
Game of Thrones - S1
That Iron Throne is really something… And that’s Sean Bean sitting on it, an actor that our (un)conscious minds immediately connect to the fantasy genre. This promises to be one hell of a show.

6. The Walking Dead – Season 1
The Walking Dead - S1
A full blown zombie apocalypse visualised in one beautiful image. Stunning.

5. The Sopranos – Season 5
The Sopranos - SE5
‘Hell’ in modern New Jersey has always been a theme of the complex and mysterious ‘The Sopranos’. For its fifth season, this theme is captured perfectly in a painting-like cover that could be the work of Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

4. Mad Men – Season 1
Mad Men - S1
For a show that is all about design (and big ego’s), they managed to completely nail the art direction. Simplicity never worked better than in this small masterpiece of a cover.

3. Breaking Bad – Season 5
Breaking Bad - S5
This is brilliant for how much it tells. Being a king in the meth world is so not appealing; the emptiness, the loneliness… You can tell from Walter’s face how he feels and it’s not so good either. But he can’t stop. Not any more.

2. Treme – Season 1
Treme - S1
The perfect New Orleans photo. Immediately throws you into the mood of the show. And that green is truly entrancing.

1. The Wire – Season 3
The Wire - SE3
The show with the best faces on television present four of their best – Avon, Stringer, Kima and McNulty in a fabulous composition. The cops are going after the players again and this promises to be one hell of a showdown. It’s all in the Game yo.